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Photovox Technology offers a wide range of magnetic heads for many possible applications. Further to the standard models, we can customize the product's characteristics as to mechanics, electrics, connections, as necessary. Contact us to ask about specific requests and for any other information about our models and availability.
MAGNETIC HEADS FOR BANKNOTE AND DOCUMENT SECURITY Special sensors for recognizing and decoding security magnetic threads in banknotes and documents.
MAGNETIC HEADS FOR PRINTERS Sensors for specialized printers and the to manage the savings books.
MAGNETIC HEADS FOR ISO CARDS Magnetic sensors for reading and writing magnetic cards with standard ISO, like ATM, credit cards, healthcare system cards.
MAGNETIC HEADS FOR PROFESSIONAL AUDIO Since 1951,  PHOTOVOX has been producing magnetic heads for audio and video. To date over 300 types of magnetic sensors for video production and cinema post-production equipment have been made. We also offer an efficient renovation and reconditioning service of the magnetic sensors already in use. The most important heads are used for reproduction, registration and duplication of professional acoustic applications, projection, cutting and editing of sound and cinema. Our most important registration heads are the following:     multitrack Soundcraft for registration, reproduction and cancellation     multitrack Telefunken for registration and reproduction     multitrack Trident for registration, reproduction and cancellation     multitrack Satrun Research for registration, reproduction and cancellation We are also specialized in reconditioning worn magnetic heads.
MAGNETIC HEADS FOR ATM TICKETING For reading and writing tickets and cards for various uses; public transport, highway tolls, boarding passes (according to IATA regulation), and for many apparatus used in public parkings.
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MAGNETIC HEADS CMC7 E13B A wide range of sensors for reading code-lines present in bank checks, according to the standard CMC7 and E13B. We can customize these sensors for any need.
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